Lilly- a mini barrel of mischief 

Georgette- a R.Martin mini jersey

      Crispy- w/ her white markings 

We are excited to introduce Renegade, a true old world bull registered w/ the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society !!  We should have 2014 calves from him !!      

        Pictured above- Ginger and Nutmeg,  2 of our Ralph Martin Mini Jersey Cows,  who were also purchased directly from the Estate of Ralph Martin, both are foundation pure !!

SIR RALEIGH- a Beautiful Old World Jersey Bull.                             41" at 8 yrs of age.

     (Below) Our Herd Sire- Abe.   A foundation pure Old World Mini Jersey Bull, standing at 38.5"  His grandfather was purchased directly from the R.Martin Estate.