A fresh page for Old World Breeders- new genetics from the British Isle Herd !!!   We are thrilled to introduce'Renegade"   (more on Meet or Herd page)

A Brief History - True Miniature Jersy Cows are a Heritage Breed, direct descendants of the Isle of Jersey.  The Ralph Martin family acquired a majority of the descendants of the imports brought in by Mr. Snow of N.Carolina.  The Miniature Jersey Cow, or Old World Jersey is one of the most popular and  one of the rarer breeds of miniature dairy cattle.  The ideal miniature Jersey's general appearance should be smaller in size than its standard counterpart- being 38" to 48" in height at the hip. Milk is higher in butterfat and milk production at 2 to 4 gallons per day, depending on the quality of pasture, hay, and supplemented feed. Mini Jersey Bulls weigh around 850 pounds and the cow's average weight is within a 600 to 650 pound range. Physical conformation follows the standard as seen in the larger animals, however, their reduced size is what draws more attention and desire by the small land owner, fancier, or the need for a docile family milk cow.
Calving usually occurs without complications, presenting newborn calves within 15 to 30 pounds, and 18 to 30 inches at the hip.      





 Welcome to the website of the Warren Tribe Farm, located in beautiful Northern Virginia, and home to some of America's best Old World Miniature Jersey Cows.
On the navigation bar, you can meet the "farm hands" and some of our Mini Jersey cows,  learn about "Minis" (also called 'old world', 'doe eyed, 'guinea' and 'barnyard' jerseys) and see what is currently available.

A Step Back Into the Past

As time progresses many things change, but not all change is for the better. There was a time, not too long ago, in American agriculture when people believed that breeding larger cows to produce even more milk was something everyone should do.
Recently, we have realized the demise of such idealogy. Larger cows consume more resources including food, water and space. They produce more waste; and, for the average small farm, they just aren't a good fit.
What if there were a way to find the kinds of cows your ancestors depended on for milk, food and clothing? What would it take to step back into the past in raising animals that fit the farm and the farmer?
Welcome to the Appalachian Springs Farm, where our goal is to breed the most authentic Old World Jersey Cattle you will ever see.  

One of our Old World Jersey descendants from the Snow/Martin imports